Shaun Hayes speaks to aspiring entrepreneurs at SLU

by | Mar 12, 2023

On Valentine’s Day, I had the opportunity to speak to a class of aspiring entrepreneurs in Prof Marian Nunn’s Entrepreneurship class at St. Louis University about the importance of business ethics and my life story as it relates to that. The talk focused on the idea of “gray choices” – the boundary between ethical and unethical behaviors in business, and I also told some good stories about how I progressed through my career.

I started off by sharing my personal background and how I came to realize the importance of ethics in business. I emphasized that making what seem like small ethical transgression can have serious consequences, not just for the individuals involved but also for the business as a whole. The talk highlighted that operating with integrity and adhering to ethical principles is essential for building a successful and sustainable business.

The talk was well-received by the audience, who actively engaged with me and asked questions about my life and ethics. Overall, it was an informative and engaging discussion that shed light on the importance of ethical behavior in business.

Being a successful entrepreneur is not just about making money but also about building a business with strong values and ethics. My talk was an important reminder that in today’s complex business landscape, it’s more important than ever to operate with integrity and ethics, and not cross into the gray areas.

Below is the video of my full speech and the transcript.

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“Bestselling Author and Business Hall of Fame Inductee, Shaun Hayes, Shares His Entrepreneurial Journey with Media Team”

So this is Shaun Hayes and I sent out his media kit last week with his new book that he’s written. That’s made the bestseller list on Amazon. So Shaun and I have known each other about 25 years. He’s going to tell you about himself and his story and what he’s going on entrepreneurship. So here’s Shaun hey. And these two people here are with Shaun. They’re recording him. Jessica is for the large nonprofit manager social media it I call my It people I know for the world. And Chris in the back is an MD and a PhD and he’s done a Trex and he is truly an author of my mind. And I’ll start off with this.I kind of go almost the end of the story. I truly never thought of myself as an entrepreneur even though I was recognized in 2002 by Eny. In 2008 I was put in the University of Missouri Business School Hall of Fame.

“Kaufman Foundation Study Reveals Surprising Correlation for Entrepreneurship Success”

And in 2008, the singles business Small Business Monthly named myself and people like Maxine Clark and real entrepreneurs.And the stroke point is, in 20 I was twelve great entrepreneurs the last 20 years saying, look, I never felt like I was wrong on any of those lists until that.I kind of look back and said, I guess I am entrepreneurial.And that’s kind of where I wanted to start. Here in 1993 the Kaufman Foundation which was found by you in Kaufman I spent a little time in Kansas City they wanted to know what made an entrepreneur.Were they female, were they tall, were they smaller?They have dark hair, light hair, blue eyes, brown eyes, African American, Asian.And guess what?There was none of those things correlated give any idea what the main correlation was and I believe now I’m going to I’m going to Africa put my hand on it. 70% of their fathers, and I now say mothers did not get a regular paycheck.

“Interconnected Success: How Fraternity Brotherhood Led to Long-Term Career Achievements”

And so I lived in a fraternity.If you were to miss an undergraduate, and I my whole life was based on 120 guys.And I immediately went to the two guys that I moved to Kansas City with, and one of his dad spent 43 years in Montana.We graduated immigrants in school. 41 years come back.Guess what Bob Bean has done the last 41 years?Lowe’s.The other one’s guy named Steve Hahn brilliant he went through the electric engineer with state of like it 41 years at what company?Hallmark.His dad spent 41 years as a manufacturing company up in North County.My dad furniture store hardware my mom motel, restaurants there’s your correlation.My sister thought school for seven years had children at one time was one of the best golfers in the world.He had a man named Brian Snitiger.The other one has cost me about $10 million.He now is in 500 for the last several years with the half million dollar public company.She went into the drugs of Pine Jobs.Her husband was a lawyer of lawyers or entrepreneurs.

Shaun Hayes on the Importance of Surrounding Yourself with the Right People: Insights from Virginia Kirkpatrick.

Unless you’re like a corporate guy, he just goes on you’re.Your partner, he runs something.He’s had brand change of drive, so that’s something.What I like to remind you, he doesn’t mean anything, but he goes through something that’s important to me.Because if you’re going to be successful as an outright sound, one very simple thing, it’s the people you surround yourself with.And I call them role players, because over the course of whatever you’re trying to do, you have different people, play different roles.You’ll need different levels of intelligence, you’ll need different levels of experience.You’ll need all kinds of things and more from Virginia Kirkpatrick, a woman who had been an HR director and a bank, goes about the signs that we were when we solved, and she could interview you and she could come back to me in 1520 minutes.And she was a director, wasn’t it like in St.Sean?These are the five things you’re going to love about this man.

“Entrepreneurial Insights: The Importance of People, Capital, and Doing What You Love”

These are two you’re going to hate, but you need to hire him, but you’re going to have to learn to deal with the two.So that goes knowledge and then ITP, why don’t you go on and on?But it’s all about people.But you also need capital.And I’m actually writing my second book right now that I talked at Fiscal many times about in Washington, all over 1000 business people.And it’s how to start a business.And it’s not one of those you need an LLC and it’s going to have that kind of junk.But it’s really something I learned as an undergraduate.I say the only thing I learned as an undergraduate that was valuable in a classroom.But the point was, it taught you do what you love.You guys say, Wait a minute, I love okay, anybody here ever heard of the Alpine Shop?Yeah, okay, I know the family.They’re actually heirs of the Dan Ford family, but they love skiing and so they started ski shop.Well, now they got like a real business.

“Shaun Hayes on Passion, Success, and the Importance of Loving What You Do”

I mean, for 40 years, a little dinky store in Ladue, and then they got Webster, now they’re in Chesterfield.But my point is, they do what they love.I mean, you look at Nike till night, there you go.He did something he loved.If you don’t love a guy’s gals, it’s work.I’ve never worked a day in my life.Now I get up every day, and that’s when I was on a podcast yesterday, and the guy was 50 minutes and 80 minutes ended of recording.We got to stop.But he said, I can tell two things about you.He said, you get up every day with some ideas, you can make a decision.The second thing is, after you do what you love, be able to make a decision.Now, if you want to make money, you’ll make money.If you want time off, you’ll get time off, you’ll get whatever you want.If you want to travel, you can do all those things.But if you don’t love it, you won’t be successful.And back to people.You’re going to want something.You should write a business plan.Correct.I’ve reviewed more than $10,000 of loans.

Lessons Learned from Mistakes in Business: Surround Yourself with Good People and Ensure Equity is Mutually Desired.

The point is, you’re going to want something really bad, or you wouldn’t be in here on a Valentine’s Day night in February of 2023. We’ll at least speaking unless you really wanted something.Make sure that if you’re.You’re going to give up your equity.And I say equity first, that that person at least wants it this much, because the mistake I made and ended up put me in prison.At the end, I made three things wrong.One of them was I surrounded myself with really good people.I’m going to come back to this in just a minute.And then when I sold and I tried to after four years of being dumbed down and being number 35 and company of 36,000 and they send a $20 million jail, two pilots to pick me up in Chesterfield in the morning and bring me back for dinner at night.Actually, I call home.You can’t use a cell phone and playing with suddenly got loaded up.We’re calling home.What’s for dinner?What I need to bring home all that.I lost my guerrilla warfare mentality.

“Lost Ground Intelligence and Over-Trust: Lessons Learned for Successful Business Partnerships”

I lost my ground intelligence, and I more importantly, lost people around me who I felt comfortable with holding me accountable.The second thing was, and I wouldn’t give this one, I’ve always been over trusting.That bit me, but it really made me was I believe that people wanted something as bad as I wanted it.And if you’re going to give up equity and you’re going to go into business with someone, and you’re most likely going to have to make sure they want it as bad because you’re going to bring something table, you’re going to make sure they know what you don’t know.You’re going to make sure.I’ve seen thousands of cases.I’ve been talking to captain attorneys on research for my next book, and we all know the same thing.If you’re a sales and marketing person, you’re an engineer and you’re working together, that’s a great combination.

“Expert Advice on Delegating Responsibilities in Business Operations”

If somebody’s a manufacturing person, somebody’s sales, if somebody’s you just go down the list of chain, somebody has to know how to run the back of the house, and somebody has to run the front out.And very, very few people can do both.They really can’t.And so my point is, if you’re going to let them in that close, they’ve got to want to benji, because I don’t know an unfurbable world, and Marion was around a bunch of them.And this is our standard work, no matter how bad they are.No problem.No problem.No problem.When we closed our first bank deal, which I’ll come to in a minute, my partner, who had no commitment, like I said, I asked for him because he was his idea.He was nine years older, and I knew I couldn’t run one.Okay, well, those that I know, the day we close, he retired middlely, but I’m not going to do anything.But the best thing he ever did was that night, and we closed.

“Economically Driven: Daniel Stozo Shares his Experience in Making Business Decisions”

He gave us Silver Challenges and said no problem, because I spent the whole summer talking to 400 people to get 83 of them to give me $2,659,000 I knew what know was, by the way, Daniel Stozo, and I’m going to talk about that.But my point is that person doesn’t want as bad as you do. And it made it about another two and a half years.And then we had a day of record, and that happens a lot less.And it’s not that it’s it’s not that I’m a good person is bad or I was right and wrong.It was that I’m economically driven.I do not make decisions.Ever that aren’t economically based.And I never bought a company where I didn’t have to legally bribe the CEO of the other company because it’s the best job they ever had.I sit in a restaurant by the airport in a secret meeting with a guy who’s 77 now.So I wrote a bank.And after an hour I had to say, john, I’d love what you’ve done.We’d love this.If I was going to sell, I’d tell you.But he said, here’s the deal.

The Problem with Business: When Profit Trumps Passion and Lifestyle

He said, a third of my shareholders hate me and a third of my shareholders love me until a third, the middle third, do one or the other.Best job ever in my life.Well, guess what? 22 years later, what’s he still doing running a bank that started a year before me?That when I when I sold out 20 years, what? 19 years ago?I was 25 times larger already.Never no return, never double digit return on equity because nobody cared.Okay?And that’s about that’s what’s wrong with and to me, a lot of business room.I grew up in a small town and I’ll never forget across my dad’s surgery store was a shoe store, mr.Beth.And when I was at college, I figured out that he made about $4 an hour.He wasn’t in it for you.He was in it because he wanted to be his own boss.He’s closed on Monday, Tuesday through Saturday.And it was a lifestyle.And you’re going to find somebody business for lifestyle.

“Want to Build Something? Don’t Settle for Buying a Job, Says Shaun Hayes”

The other thing you’re going to find is, is what I call 95% of the people you’re net 5%.They don’t want it as bad as you do. 95% of the people that say they want to be an upper, they really want to buy a job.We didn’t.We would look at a loan all the time and we’d have somebody that you know, in a month.So we did one ton of financing for Monsanto every year.They cut people and Art gave tax advice within four hundred and one K and you sent them up.And we loan the money to go to business.But they were looking for a franchise or something.They bought a job.If you’re in here and you’re what I believe you are, what Mary And told me you are, you want to build something.It isn’t about sales or size or earnings.You want to build something.Whatever it is, whether it’s this bigger, it’s that big.But when you want something that bad and things like that, you’re not trying to buy a job.

“Lessons Learned from Overcoming Employment Challenges and Business Failures”

I always thought I can find a job.You can find a job even when he comes back. I got out of college the worst employment effort until 92, until two, until I guess after about seven.But the point is she doesn’t care when I talk about what I can come back to people.How many people here in your business plan are going to lose money in your first year.Have you done the financials yet?We’re going to have okay.First thing is I’m amazed that I never had to display this.They were going to fail that’s number one, which is good.I’m glad that one turned me up.But the second thing here is the most rosy thing in the world.And if they do do a best, worst, intermediate term, whatever, they’re never that bad.And what they really don’t get down to this is one thing, if you do read my book that my dad told me really did not resonate with me until I had these problems.Sean and by the way, a few weeks ago he said, Johnny is your parents honeymoon.My grandparents, they weren’t there.

“Importance of Cash Flow in Financial Planning: Lessons Learned from a Business Acquisition 32 Years Ago”

And that’s true.What he said was, it’s all about cash flow.And I’m going to tell you one thing.When you’re doing your financial plans, you got to think about cash flow. 32 years ago, my brother in law and I bought a company in your town.I know that I put him in business finance at Umb, and he had run it almost to the ground.A neat little company.And so we bought 200 grand.All the money we had to world and great things.If one thing we didn’t understand, we were selling like crazy.But our customers paid us with insurance receivables.You know what insurance companies insurance companies take 9120 days timely.Well, your employees expect to get paid weekly or biweekly, your landlord, your bank, expect to at least get paid monthly.You think about that.And we were just building a and building because Michael himself, very bright man, went, to West Point.

Importance of Cash Flow and Skin in the Game in Business Planning, according to Shaun Hayes

He had a machine going, and we were selling ourselves out of business.So when you’re doing your business plan, you’re thinking about these things.You want to look at cash flow.And the banking business didn’t.Even start looking at cash flow in the operating company world?Not really.–So it’s about 40 years ago.They figured out you can make all the money at the end of the year.But there’s a company that now.Has this little building on it that Mayor Conway owned, and he lost a ton of money in the first quarter.Lost some money in the second quarter.Katie broke even in the third quarter.And then it was all in the fourth quarter, which was his cash.Horrible.A little worse than horrible.A lot worse and horrible.And then it got good.You have to think about those things in your business plan.So those are the little things that when you sit on the other side of the table, you look at the other thing is you have to have skin in the game.Seriously.We look.Why?

“Shaun Hayes Shares His Experience and Advice on Raising Capital and Building Trust in the Banking Industry”

I was so young and dumb and so I’m a young man you’re training.I go, oh, that’s a great thing because I was making rose down very successfully in my church so form that’s what banking and they said and you should try to learn how to more money sitting there talking to the president of the banks.And I trained at and I said and he was called a personal guarantee.Well, guess what?None of the finance looks ever they talk about real corporations.They weren’t.Talking about Emily and Sean strike leaders, where we got to sign and we got a mortgage our house and do all that banks want to see skin in the game.And the world’s changed a lot, too.Now it’s credit support and things like that.But I want to get down to tell you a little my story because a little bit more take questions.But I want to work trust.One more thing about raising capital get more than what you need.If you think you need X, get two X or three X.

“Lessons Learned from Selling a Business for Over Half a Billion Dollars”

And I don’t know if your parents have ever done something to their house.Never happens when they say it would.It never happens how they say it would, and it never cost what they thought it was.That’s the same thing with your business. The other thing is, if you take the time to read my book I talked about, we had seen.Whenever we sold out, we sold out for over a half a billion dollars.We took that 2.65 million, sold out.Everything in the negotiation at the end you keep waiting for, I would chop me.They’ve got to be in so late.We’ll have dinner.It’s a Saturday night.We go to dinner and I’m waiting for chop.Well, I get an extra about $0.75 on it’s.Like an extra twelve, $15 million together.I’m happy to.So then afterwards, after we sign the contract, I get a call because we didn’t get it done until that Thursday about one in the morning.And it was a guy who was going to be the next CEO.And he said, we only have one problem.

“Shaun Hayes Shares Insight on Business Acquisitions and Office Upgrades”

You can’t cut the price down.He goes, Your branches need a little sprucing up.Why not?Bit my tongue off.Because we bought a trailer truckload of seaweed green carpet and a dollar square yard.You all never pay a dollar square yard because now they sell by the square foot.So that’s the same.Just $12 a square yard.Now, okay, square foot.But think about this.That’s like twelve cents a square foot.And it was so ugly.And so we would do an acquisition.This is a dream.I’d tell the story that and we walk into these banks and I go I see it on the tone.I go with a chair.I’m taking the cells an article.I want the desk because everything I had a desk that had a piece of plywood over it for four years.I officed 43 23 north grade for four years.Highest murder rate, highest prior rate.The city of St.Louis.Guess what?No cold calling sales had ever showed up.Wasn’t selling anything.You came to see me.You wanted to do business.Now, before I talk about me, I have to tell you if funny story.

“Shaun Hayes Recalls Past Involvement with Cook School Events and Father Beyond’s Invitation to Join the Board”

I got a call from 2005 from Father beyond.Have you ever heard of any of us?Yes.Let me check on you know, last time I was in this building, it was a Cook school events.I sat on the board with John Cook and if we were to walk in and I said, this shows you if you give more money, you get a new name.And I told a funny story about the first time in bed.Richard Shape.Wonderful guy.And there’s a great story about a statue that used to be here.I don’t have time to tell you. My father Reiner told this to me 38 years ago.I did not code.My father has a shaun.He goes up, I want to have lunch with him.Once you come up whatever house and have lunch.He goes, I want you to join the board.And I said, Father, I didn’t go to school there.That doesn’t matter.I said, I’m not Kathleen.He said that doesn’t matter.He said, Sean, the head of Memory Committee is Jewish.And her kids want your house on St.Louis country club grounds.He goes, this is about money.

“Tony Devalue’s Investment Fund and Billion-Dollar Deals: A Story from the Catholic University with the Second Largest Download”

And that guy would have been billionaire if he wasn’t.You know this school and I don’t know today about sure.That is the second largest download of a Catholic university.More than Georgetown because I took the sun out of the living room.You know what it does?I’ll forget that Tony Devalue ran the investment fund.We sold that hospital for 800 million and we bought it back for 219 years later after they bled and white and white and blind.That was good.So you don’t have to at the background is anything that will say, look up my printers trying to hold up my friend.And then we’ll take questions.So I grew up in a town of Met.An SMSA of 3000 is what I call because you have to a cross state line big up here, 1100 or so.Summer bank.Freshman year I went home and bailed hay and made $20,000, which in 1979 was 18 fortunes.And the summer of 80, diesel fuel was here.Baleen Twine was there.

From Farming to Retail: Shaun Hayes’ Journey to Employment in the Midwest

There was no way to make money in agriculture, by the way, I wasn’t really into it other than you went to work at ten, you got done, it dark, we drank for two, we went to bed, we started again.How we didn’t cut an arm or a leg off, I’ll never know.I could read a book and drive a tractor.I had that whole summer and the best summers.You wear a swimsuit and you rent a book and you get so the next summer I go home and do that.And so my dad I had a cousin, a little crazy, a lot crazy, poor entrepreneur I’ve ever been in my life and been successful.But his wife I had a gift shop in a town 26 miles away and they need somebody to run a gift shop.So I’m going through.My dad says, he worked in a week.How much don’t you make up?And again, there’s a lot of trance women coming in all the time.I’m meeting girls because that’s not what the summer is about.You need a job.So by the way, Sarah is not the employment hub in the Midwest, number one.

Shaun Hayes uses resourcefulness to overcome employment challenge.

Number two, the way John Falls, I had to deal with a lifeguard and they’d already hired him.So I’m thinking I’m going to start to death.And then I remember I played baseball and the 4 July because we were a regional little hub for a lot of LITTLETOWN baseball.Started about nine in the morning and you got older.You played later and later.When the last game was over, there’d be 5000 cars between the high schools, the football, all these places and around town and on the highways.And then they had fireworks display.I said.Mr.Doll, volunteer Fire Department.Mr.Doll was a fire chief.And so I called Mr.Doll, said, Mr.Doll, who you buy fireworks for?Fireworks.Now, if you ever heard of information in those days, you got 1501-555-1212.I need a form of fireworks.I dial the number one answers and if you read the book, you’ll learn how to know everybody and say, look, I had an African American role there.They said, Sean Earl Manson.Great side of the road.He did so much for my exit.

Shaun Hayes Connects with African Executive for Fireworks Consignment Deal.

He was one of the first African executives that I came here and we just told all these stories about.How do you know?I know August the third.I know Chuck.I’ve been at one end and the other end.So you take up phone calls and say, you know people.I said, I know people say, look, but this lady and I said, I speak to the owner.She goes, Why am my husband passed away.I said, I want to start a fireworks day.Now, how much experience do I have in fireworks?I’ve shot them, right?Okay.She goes, well, my husband passed away.And she goes, I’ll show you fireworks.But she goes, you’re in the theater by national.That’s about 160 miles.She said sean.She goes, the problem is we ship on June 1 for free shipping.So you have to come again.No problem.My family’s got trucks.I’ll come in, I check out.One of the problem.What did I forget there guys, I’m the one I lived for Ohio last year.I travel a lot, okay?So I said, Ms.Farmland, no problem.I’ll give them to you on consignment.

Entrepreneur Builds Successful Firework Stand in Arkansas and Implements Unique Sales Strategy.

And if you get a cashier ship that’s stand by the post office on the envelope by the 6th, I’ll give you an 8% discount.Now, I have no carbon rebuilt, but my did.I built a firework stand.If you saw it, you go.If you’ve seen a fruit stand in the south or a vegetable stand, it looked better.Built this because we had the first access north of the city limits in the south of the Arkansas, all out, literally.And in Arkansas, you could do anything.But there were none of them set the Missouri, because you couldn’t do it.And we were right there.The second thing was, what is sales and marketing, right?So I got two for my teeth to fly out of camera redpaid discount fireworks ahead.Went up about a mile to a neighbor, put it on them.Went about a mile this way, put it on a neighbor.Then I know Mary may not remember this.You may remember minneapolis Machine.They were before copy machines, ink.And he did this.And my friend’s mom was a secretary at the high school.

Entrepreneurial Success: How Selling Discount Fireworks Made Me Thousands in One Week

And I said, Rosie, you think this is Mooney will let me?So I made these things up.Discount fireworks, bottle rockets.I have a lawsuit, which, by the way, you’re paying like eight cents a gross.I was selling for 99.She was home for $4.Well, guys didn’t get over the first two weeks.I sharpened, I read a bunch of good books, had a break, sometimes almost as good as better than the hate family.Because I didn’t go anywhere.I just landed.And then all of a sudden people started coming, and then they hang.And by 02:00, I was sold out.I did that the next year.And when I got a real job making $18,000 here, I put my cousin who was ten years older in the business.I would take my one week of vacation, go back and make nine or 10,000 in a week.That’s what entrepreneurs do.You find the need and you sell it.That’s it.That’s nice.I can tell you stories.If you read the book, you’ll find out on the loan chart.You’ll find I made money, but they cut this out.But I had vending machines for Ernie houses.

“Entrepreneur Shaun Hayes Shares Advice on Making Decisions and Taking Action in Career and Life”

There was a thing called Space Invaders came out.I had all those kind of machines.I made money come out because I graduated undergraduate.I graduated slide, a really good GPA, but thank you for taking that.So my undergraduate GPA was 2.65, I think.It did have another number, but it wasn’t nine because I couldn’t round up.My point is, you just get out and do it.And that’s the biggest thing I can leave you with.Before I tell you my next question, whatever you do, make a decision.Just do it.Nike stole the best thing ever said by man, just do it.Because when you have children, one day you’ll learn this.Put a bottle in your mouth and change your diaper.Nothing else.That’s the first week of how many people are playing basketball.If you don’t want to shoot, if you’re playing football, you don’t want to punt, but do something.And that’s what you’re going to find out.A whole lot of people.That was my biggest disappointment in my career as I rose up in the corporate letter and I moved.

“Entrepreneur shares experience of flying with partner who was a pilot”

Very fast is I meet these people when I’m 22.I think, wow, that person is really brand new with the University of Texas.They got an MBA from Stanford, and three years later, they were working for me.It’s not what the show is.It’s what the bill is.Okay, here the longest short of it is how many people have ever flown a plane?I never wanted to fly a plane.There’s a whole lot of history there.And of it the point is I had a partner.I had a healthcare business that we franchise.We made some money.Actually, it turned out to be pretty good.But he was a pilot, and he was a very good pilot.But my family, we did not fly into any plane and didn’t have a professional pilot and two engines and another professional pilot.And I’d always done that in my business career.But Rich and I would fly, right?They had two engines.It was a very nice plane.And he said, the co op, he said, it’s valid plane out.I thought it was scary to death.And I don’t mind flying in a real plane.I just don’t like real planes.

Shaun Hayes Overcomes Fear and Learns to Fly in Challenging Weather Conditions.

And so we’re flying it’s actually February of 15.And he said, Sean, you have to fly the day.And I said, we’ll come back from Japan.I don’t want to fly.He said, if something happens, you have to know enough to get it down.Well, fear they take it.I’ll learn enough to get it down.So I take over, and I tell you guys, I’m wearing a suit.I’m drenched.It’s like 20 outside, but I’m like 500.I’m like and I got a hold of us, and I’m I’m just like, you know, and I mean, you know, I got my whatever that thing you call in the middle that you you guide by.I’m on it.I mean, I am on that thing.Plus, I’m on I 44.How can you screw this up, right? 6810 minutes go by your laughing.And also Richmond, I’m going to take over.Thank you.Whether you got really good thank you, god, you’re like the happiest person or he goes sean.He goes up.You know, in about five more minutes, I would have been scrapped.One at 15 from from Lansburg.I know why he goes through golf course.

Shaun Hayes’ Expertise and Sales Record Challenged in Training Program Test.

And there’s there’s a thing if you leave La going to Washington DC.And if you’re one degree off one degree, you know, where, you know, New York City speed, distance, and time.And when I started out that I knew my career is in the book.I come right off the bat.One of the first questions they asked me in a test, because I was the first, literally the first person, new generation way to train people.But there’s a whole room full of major trainees in different departments in this company, and they had a question.Have you sold anything from this company.You guys don’t know.I’ve been there two weeks and the guy told Brandon and we we got into it right there.He goes, yes, you have it.You know I have.Yet I he said, you.And he stopped and he made a ravenous question.One or three year old got the one stop.Once he goes, you have to answer yes, I was angry.

Employee Steals from Customer on Company Outing, Highlighting Potential Risks of Cyber Monday Shopping for On-the-Clock Workers

And then a few weeks later, one of the guys is about ten years older, taking me in his way, and he said, he said, you’re new to you because my girlfriend has he said, my girlfriend has a little bit about your ages and hers.Nick said, I know.We go to the ballgame.I die in the club at dinner.And so when the game is over, I said, It’s like, you know, $180 by handing $90 we puts in his pocket.I didn’t know then, but I noticed I took him a while.When they gave me one, he paid for the company credit card, so the company paid for $180.We use your ticket.Bless you.Obviously, I was some customer prospect or something.I was not an employee.And he pocketed my $90.He just stopped.And I gave this example the group this week, and I said, what’s?Cyber Monday?All kinds of people work on the clock, and what do they do on Cyber Monday?They buy stuff.

“Importance of Accountability and Caution in the Workplace – Insights from Shaun Hayes”

And how do you justify, well, I’m going to work extra.I give this company all the time, and what happens is that’s the beginning of that one degree over time.And there’s a book and this guy, yes, he was he is the author and everything, but there was a book written by a Stanford professor in 1971.They give the right set of facts or circumstances, any man or woman can do anything, any proof.My point is, you think over time that’s okay.Well, since I got an argument with somebody in the media not long ago off the camera, and I said, you’re telling me you’ve never driven a car on the 55, meaning you’re locked in?You know, I mean, I’ve come down playing Road 95 miles a daytime, and it’s 40.My point is, you have to have people around you who hold your counter.You get better and tell me you will.You will, you will.I hate to tell you the last time I was here, human being, that’s key.Don’t be too trusted.Now, didn’t say don’t trust.Don’t be too trusting.

“Shaun Hayes Discusses Realistic Business Planning and Financial Forecasting Strategies”

And third, if you’re not a lot of people who don’t want something as bad as you do and you’ve done the other thing, you’ll make a mistake.My own skating, okay?I took 33 minutes.I’ll answer public.Anything you ask me is fair game.Anything.I always tell the price.Yes, sir.I want to get back to when you were talking about the business plans, and you’re looking at the financials, you’re looking at the forecast, and everybody paints in rose color looks good.Are we expected to do that?How do we make it more realistic?What do we do?Are we supposed to make it realistic and work that out beforehand and say, hey, maybe this doesn’t work, and then go back to the drawing board?Or do you continue with your dream and try to make it look better and then present it to you as, hey, this is what I have.I asked this question, not this question, but a similar question was asked me a few weeks ago.How many people remember Dwight Eisenhower?

“Entrepreneurship Requires Optimism and a Willingness to Dream, Says Business Expert”

Okay, he was president.He was also the general that oversaw keeping you know, he was never shot at or never shot a gun to hurt someone the other side.He was a player.It’s a good plan.Obviously.What happened with Overlood?But you know what he said as soon as the first shot?Fired the plans out of the door, out the window, doesn’t matter.But your question is that’s why I suggest people do a best case, an intermediate case, a worst case.You can call the middle case, whatever you want to see.I want you to be an optimist.You should not be an entrepreneur if you’re not optimist.If you’re a pessimist, you will not make it.Because I can tell you, I’ve never had a psychology class.A mistake I made.I should have been undergraduate.So I think that’s such a great basis.And then I’m just financing finance.But the point is, you’ve got to be an office, so I want you to and then you use a word I love dream.

“Importance of Setting Realistic and Worst-Case Scenarios for Business Planning”

You got to have that, and you got to have the one that we’ll call realistic, and you got to have a worst case.What we’re looking for is, how did you come up with that?What’s your basis?Did you just make it up?Because if I was going to do the fireworks and I know blue, I was going to sell, I knew this.I knew if I sold every firework I had at three three quarters of the price they told me to sell for, I’d made $20,000.And that’s what I wanted to make.Guess what?I made $20,000.It’s also done at 02:00 on the fourth we party.I’ve been a swimming pool in a in three weeks because all you did was set out the sun.I had so much fun the next six weeks because I had money in my pocket.$20,000.04 years ago was like 200 now.So a kid would go overhead.It was like 2 million.But you have to come up with some basis now.The next year, I had all the basement.What I’m hoping happens is that today the world has too much information.So you go a lot of places to get that.

“Expert Advice on Calculating Realistic Food and Labor Costs for Restaurants”

And I pick on the restaurant business because people talk to restaurants all the time.And Marion can do the same thing.They can use the real estate business.Real estate for restaurant, total items cost seven to 10%.It costs more than you’re going to go out of business, your labor and your food, or you’re too busy.And I would say a third and a third.But in some businesses, especially now, the fast food business, they’re not going to have Diane, it’s going to be dry them, but labor number is going to drop.You know, our unit business has a higher food cost.And what you want to do is in your footnotes, you want to say, my my restaurant’s food costs because I’m doing Chinese, pizza or Mexican.You have more food costs.That’s just a fact of life.If you’re selling steaks or fish, you’re going to have a higher food cost.So you have to be able to prove those, and you can get that information, but take the time to get the information.

“Lessons in Persistence and Transparency: Shaun Hayes’ Journey to Successfully Raise Funds for a Bank Acquisition”

Because once you’ve shown us that you’ve underwritten a deadline, then you get comfort here.The other thing is whoever your lender, your investor, give them too much information.The first I told you we struggled with our first bank in 89.We know we’re doing, and I drive 160 miles away to work.Before I leave, I can tell you my favorite story.Okay. 168.Okay.The point is, I have not killed myself.I went through a case of preparation.Eight.At some point, stress.Okay.The next summer, I bought a bank on North St.Louis Trust Company at 43 23 North Graham.I only need a million one.I could have raised 10 million more.I raised a million one in four days with no effort.Because what had I done?Well, I took your money in the summer, I bought a bank in October, I sent you a letter.In October, I sent you a letter.In January, I sent you a letter.In April and then in the summer I said, I need more money and I buy a check.

“Acquiring a Bank with $1 Million Cash: A Strategic Move for Profitable Growth”

Once you start communicating with people, you’re not old enough for this shit.But you know the principal.No one ever goes to a cocktail party and tells you they have losers.They tell you that they’re one winner.And so if somebody’s going to this little bank deal, they’re making money.And we work.Because those people started making tractions meant you lost money.We bought one next to nothing that was making money and we made any more money.You understand why that story is relevant.So we buy this bank, and a bank had a million $100,000 in cash in it.Ladies, I mean cash like real money.Well, if you grant a money man in class, that counts towards your reserve requirement.But cash earned you nothing.Fast forward ten years later.We didn’t have 50,000 in a branch.We had more than ATM issue in a branch.But this bank was out there area and we said my partner says one of the good things johnny goes, I think we can get rid, of course, a million dollars in fed funds.

“Entrepreneur’s Financial Success Leads to Risky Cash Purchase of Luxury Car”

Which is when you start paying 9% of 63,060 5000 a month.You buy a bank and immediately you start making 5000 more month free tax.That’s a nice thing.You’re looking pretty smart.You call brakes actually a phone up by then.I say lost.I look at it, I call Brace to say Louis.And I said, Missouri.They go all the way down next Thursday.And I tell you I said $250.You’re kidding me.So I go to the I walk across all of myself $250.Should I have a brand new 1989 viewing?Three quarters of an album?It’s not like in a movie where the drug deals over his case.Cars like this three quarter million it’s to hold back into it.Now there’s fives and tens and so on.Took us like an hour to load it.Then the next thing I do is when I get the car, I drive 168 miles like this with the family, thank God.But let’s think about that uninsured cash.I’m not worth a car truck, but what am I ever wrecked.There’s a lot of money here.We’re toast.

Entrepreneur’s Cost Management Strategies During a Crisis

Then I get to think, look, and what am I thinking?So then we carried into my house and we sleep with it in the family room.Because the Valley is on fire.Now, I not told the story in my car, wrote the blind, a dozen people and all the employees to the Valley.Crazy.The point was, my cousin, the crazy one, asked the best question.John, why didn’t you sleep in the car?It’s the last years as I wrote started.Why is that going garage?Sleep in the car.It was October.I want to throw him to death.And Mike had parked his car behind me and a house fell on fire after the garage was connected by a poor company.I don’t know what I would say.We lost all that money.The next morning at 430 or 04:00, we got a blow up.And then I go downtown to get a line on Fourth Street.And those days at 05:00, there’s a line of race truck and a one red 18 1989 vehicle storage.That’s the kind of thing an entrepreneur does.It’s about cost.I didn’t touch this long ago.But the second part of this what are your costs?

“Engineers share success story of building a thriving business with high salaries”

I had three guys that I knew that were engineered 50 men and women in engineering business.It’s a nice big story.It’s like a county.You know, it’s a it’s a good thing when you go to binary.If you’re an engineer, you learn to trade.You get to know a client.You take that client, you get one person’s, you know, maybe more technical, one person, maybe more sales, and you go to sell.And they came in to me, and I really liked the perfect.So I’m socially, they’re older than I was violating.And they came in, they said they weren’t firm downtown and fell around and they said you were making 30, 30 years.We’re making 125,000.I noticed their salaries are under 25,000.And they all had those days, and they had 98 automobiles and nice offices downtown.They had nice I said, Wait a minute.I’m up on North Grand driving a Buick with a desk that has a piece of plywood on it.Now, I pay myself 100,000, but I’m like, this is ridiculous.You can always go up.It’s hard to come down.

“Strategic Negotiation: How to Secure Cheaper Rent and Overcome Rejection in Business”

So in the projections, how it’s cheapest thing.Anytime I drive around and in driveway, I saw buildings at 1000 square foot, 1000 a month, lower income area.But I’m sitting here thinking, number one, Marian taking 500 a month.I’m at least thinking 700.She’s a shark.I’m thinking 700.You don’t pay what they’re asking.Never.I need to ask the question of orientation forever.How many how many people here have ever shopped at Macy’s?Raise your answer.Okay.How many people here have ever bought something at a discount at Macy’s?And whatnot saying, did you ever ask, I got to pick up the guy.If you raised a girl up or a guy or someone else, yeah, okay.Did they ever say no?Didn’t ask you that.They didn’t say no.Probably.What would you do?You survived.You obviously got up, you’re still there, you’re no and all bad.You got to hear no.If you’re going to be a success launcher, you got to get used to hearing no.And that’s the same example.

“Shaun Hayes advises businesses to prioritize low-cost operations and ethical practices”

Yes, ma’am.You’re going to have to worry about business, I think.Yeah.So my point is, and finished up on your question is what happens is you’ve got to think about it.You want to be the low cost operator because the low cost company wins in the end.All else people, she knows more about low cost than anybody, realistic, because they do it ethics.Ethics is one of those things that we look at through our rules.Covered glasses is a gray.That’s why I call the book a great spot.And we make it what we want to make it.Now, there are certain things we all have at full pace that we will not cross.And I don’t mean one thing.There are a whole lot of things you won’t do, but there’s a whole lot of things you will do.And there’s a lot of things, like I said earlier, that are facts and circumstances and that’s why, when I and I’m covering this in my next book, when I say surround yourself with people, I mean, you need a board of directors, whether you have one investor or not.

The Importance of Ethics and Diversity in Business: Insights from Shaun Hayes.

You need people around you, and you need them from every kind of background.And you need people that are going to ask you hard questions.Because you know what?When times are hard.Hard.You won’t ask yourself a hard question.You’re looking we all almost always look for the easy way out.And what happens is what you think is your business is ethics.And they preach them and preacher and preach them.Somebody said, well, it’s a wonderful way to talk about Sean, but how do you get a company to listen to you?Well, me losing my moral compass cost me millions of dollars.I got to spend 30 to seven months in three different institutions.And lastly, I went from being Father of the Year till I have five fractured relationships with Italy.And they go from really good to really bad, and they change in between.And so the cost of not having ethics and the other thing is, no matter how small your company is, you have to have policies.You want policies that are totally black and white.

“The Danger of Compromising Situations in Corporate Gift-Giving”

You can’t take a gift, and a gift is baseball tickets, a bottle of booze, a dinner, or because once you do a little bit, it gets a little more.And I will tell you seriously, someone takes you somewhere and does something for you, you can say it doesn’t affect your judgment.I say you’re not being honest with yourself because nothing is ever all else equal.We just thought by saying, well, your Emily Bid is just as equal as married, well, there’s something different.But I’m not saying nobody is going to be licensed, but they have you in a way, and then you’re compromised.And then that’s the first compromise.It’s back to time, speed and distance and over the course.In my case, it took me 27 years in the corporate world to do something that I knew when I did it was a crime.I didn’t steal money.And that’s how I testified to myself.I said, I’m not taking money.I’m not investing money.I explained to the government what my crime was so complicated, I bought myself time.

“The Law of Unattainable Consequences: Holding Yourself Accountable for Your Actions”

Eleven months on the damage it caused.What you can’t realize and this is why we’re talking about essays I go right to me, the carnage, the law of unattaining consequences, is it’s throwing a boulder in a pond.It’s not that if you don’t have people around you that will hold you accountable, you’ll do it.And everybody here can think of one thing.Your mother, your father, your grandmother, who ever raised you, said, don’t do.And you probably did it, or something like that.And it’s the same principle, and you have to hold yourself to that, because guess what?Everybody looks at you and what they see you doing.They do.They you know, if they see you get in it’s.My my wife was a was a Thompson over it, and all her friends husbands were with large banks, and she came out one night at about 630 to picnic or somebody that she was building full of salary people, and she goes, David, and so on so they’re all at, you know, carnivals, in the bar.

Cost-Conscious Actions in the Workplace Lead to Savings and Efficiency.

I said, I’m not being the culture is we stay until we get it done, because I stayed till I got it done.I got in the Dumpster when I pulled out the part about the Dumpster, and I pulled out this out in Maryland height, and I pulled my Dump from it this night, and we bought it a savings loan down the Gravely, and all their paper was in there, boxes and boxes of paper.I get in the Dumpster, there’s, like, 20 smokers out there.Well, now, then what do they do?They told their stickers down, I would not buy postings.That was one thing I would buy because I thought they were wasting money.So we got them out.Everybody cut them up, and we got them.They don’t want to redo the blue stuff.And then people had what they wrote as a user.But the point is, I sent an example that cost mattered.That 116 miles.People knew cost mattered.Now, if I would have done stupid things at the same time, then I would have negated it.It’s the same thing with that.Your behavior is exactly your actions are exactly what?

Navigating Equity and Business Decisions: Insights from a Successful American Business Owner

I didn’t drive a foreign car, so I’ve been in business over ten years.I drove an American bank card because I thought that was an idea I needed to have.It was against a big nobody career.I was and I talked about all kinds of things you may want to do as the owner.You can’t do them.Why do I park by the dumpster?I like to come in the back door, but the point was, I’m going to park up front that looked like I’m better than somebody.So all those little things that you’ll read in books that you’ve read, that you want to do another question, you read him, and then you go ahead.When you talk about the don’t give up equity unless the person you’re giving up to wants it as bad as you, how do you balance that?Like, when you have a company that really needs money and you have somebody who can supply you that, how do you balance?And I didn’t say to you, I mean, the equity you’re given to someone who’s like a partner.But when it comes to other equity, it’s the same kind of principle.

“Importance of Choosing Business Partners and Financing Options Explained by Shaun Hayes”

You really want to choose equipment.My nephew, we had dinner the other night because they do big projects, Maria, and they have one investor of 55 million with them.And I said, Haines, you and Ray may own 100% of the company, but you don’t.They own 100%.There’s a company down on Broadway still here.I talked the owner, like, 30 years.He’s dead.But you own 49.You own 49.She owns two.Who controls the company?She does.So when you let that person in there, it may not be controlled, but once again, it’s so what are who you getting in in bed with who you get in business with because their money comes with a cost beyond cost.And I learned this from a real estate guy.Don’t worry about the other guy paid for it, number one.And number two is, don’t care what the money costs you, what are you going to do with it?So a Marion’s capital costs you 18%, and Emily’s capital cost you 15%.But you know, based on our experience, you’re going to pay 50% in Aggravation, pay 3% more.

“Lessons in Business Ethics and Hurdle Rates from Shaun Hayes’ Experience”

Because if your project didn’t 3% better, you shouldn’t do it.That hurdle rate you get, because once you’re a partner, that’s like I told my name.I said, they own you.They own this company.You don’t.And I said, yeah, I like the way you did it, but you go from nothing to a half a billion in sales like that.Here’s how I would have done it.Here’s how I think I would have gone for it.I wouldn’t throw them out, but I would slowly replace them.And that’s that’s what I mean by that.And yes, sir, I know you said you went to an institution for 37 months, or three of them rather.And, you know, as you talk about ethics and everything else, whatever you did, it clearly wasn’t enron.But whenever you did, what ended you up in prison for whatever term, when you committed that act?Did you know, if I’m caught this is the end result?Most likely.I knew it was going to be really bad.Right.And, yeah, number one in getting there, I didn’t let people in my shoes had done forever.

Former Wall Street Trader Admits to Illegal Actions During Financial Crisis

I took the stock in a large public company.There was AAA rated credit, Fortune 200, and kept doing what I do over here because I made more money outside the mania, as I did over here.But when I didn’t realize this correlation between manufacturing, real estate in the end of the world in 708 nine, and so to try to survive, I made a decision that I knew what I knew was illegal.I knew if I got caught up in a prison, it just doesn’t support the risk, though.Well, I think what happens is remember when you when you start here and you take a pad of paper, and then you take a couple of pins, and then you shop on Cyber Monday, and then you take a guy, a young guy, and a date out, and your date out, and you keep going.You cross the line, and the title is a great choice.You start out in light gray, and before you know it, you’re way over here, and it gets easier.

Lessons Learned from a Successful Businessman about Making Good Decisions and Navigating Corporate Life

And then because you’ve been so successful, you make such good decisions.We must have legal kind of good decision, because I made it 19, eight four.I mean, I could just you just do that.You do that.And had I been in my prior situation where I had five people and we sold because we spent 15 years to get over, hired each other, 15 years is like being married for coming week.It’s exhausted.The point is, as you go down that path and when I went to do it again, I spent four years, his wife said, I lost my market intelligence and my intelligence on the ground, my grill mentality, and a big company.And by the way, your generation, and you’re not even looking at that.I’m the last of that.Generation.I was offered a job at a bank.I went, took it and an IBM.My generation of IBM in 1995 was eliminated.Now, they all probably won’t make a fortune.They went into Silicon Valley companies.

The Challenges of Decision-Making in Big Companies and Government Agencies

But the point is that the end of the corporate mothership was over.But in a big company in the government, there’s one rule that’s hard and fast.Another book I’m going to write.Sean, you don’t have to do anything right.Just God forbid you do one thing wrong.So when they do nothing.Because if I do nothing, I do anything wrong, right?That’s the government.That’s a big company.I I carried around for National City.I carried around a phone.Everybody had a phone on flight deck.Now I’m on the top floor in Cleveland, you know, but I got to find it, and I could spend $125,000 to call McKinsey to justify my decision.Am I going to make a decision without call McKinsey Company?Heck, no.They’re smarter than I.If I come in, I say, here’s what we want to do, and they go, we want to do that.We approve it, and then tell them McKinsey blood busted.You don’t get that privilege when you’re doing it yourself.Number one, you don’t have the time.

Expert shares experience of buying bad assets at a discount and turning them into profit

You don’t have the money.Number three, we can’t do your life as you said, to go, I got to do this or that, because I got to do something.But I got myself there.I did it myself.Other questions.I thought you guys you’re bright already.Tell that we had to have a couple more questions.I got you at the hour.Yes, sir.What did you do?Well, I had to sit in a room downtown and explain to a room full of accountants, and I had watched a guy out of Kansas City become a billionaire.He had killed a car wreck.Jeremy Gary Dickinson, big bank, midwest, what they call me.We end up buying the bank from him in a convoluted for Animal, too.But when the world went to hell after the 86 Tax Act, he bought all these bad assets in a bank, cost of funds, you don’t have to pay 18 or 15%.You’re paying some more on two or three, and then you work out and make money.So I lost all this money.I own this bank, 54% of it.And so I negotiate to buy all these bad assets at a huge discount.

Shaun Hayes’ Unethical Banking Practices: Changing Rules and Committing Fraud.

And because banks can’t participate, they change the rules that he was the Supreme Court and beyond.Then they changed the rules in 89, a Supreme Court case.But on this deal, I put a lot of fees and a million dollars fee to the bank, and we bought them from three banks.But the third bank had a loan to the guy who had a lot more problems than I did, my co defendant.He and I went there, and they were getting ready to sue him, and he said, we got to buy this well by me buying it and benefiting mine and give me money.But by buying the loan and owning more under 25% ownership, it could revolve the board approval, but over the board of it, and I chose not to tell the board.So I committed banks.One.That’s what I did.And they knew I did something.He just couldn’t figure it out.

“Insight into a Million-Dollar Scam: A Surgeon’s Perfect Plan to Escape Debt”

The point was, it was and yes, I have to laugh, it was a perfect plan, because I wouldn’t even lend him the money.It was his debt I found unbelievable successful classic surgeon to the front of his a car dealer and a real estate guy who had money didn’t have problems.So none of the loan being to repaid was dependent upon him.What he really did was he did this goes back to he didn’t want his family.He just saw that I solved a $16 million problem for him and he couldn’t did nothing.So he not only threw it in itself, we screwed his part.That’s not I did mile, I did it to me.Somebody just forgot a question.I’m sorry.Oh, I’m good.But that’s why I always said by the way too, I read the newspaper back there.If the handle was going yeah.If you went back, would you do it again here’s, right?No, here’s what I would do again.I couldn’t say it was about pride.I couldn’t admit failure.Special town.Yeah, I’d fail and I just feel I should have just sucked up because I got to fail a lot worse.

Reflecting on Failure and Regrets in Pursuit of Personal Growth and Professional Success

I got to fail here.I get to fail down here.But I also I took one engineering class in college.It was on process engineering.Had you built up there all these charlie, they called decision trees and things.I wouldn’t change one thing to my life, but I didn’t know my remorseful.Yes, but I wouldn’t be lying if I hadn’t and I wouldn’t be finished the story I know I’m supposed to finish if I had to do it.Do you see what I’m saying?In the acknowledgment of you’re going to laugh and I’ve got a copy for you, but you’re going to laugh in the acknowledgements I write, I had more fun with people.That book coming.You can imagine, but I wrote it in fortnite and I really at the end I would truly think all the people is an unbelievably horrible things to me.The one I said to him I wouldn’t know for it.And by the way, none of them were in prison.They were all in St.Louis.That’s the truth.But the point is I wouldn’t change that because it wouldn’t allow me maybe have an influence on what you all.

“Shaun Hayes Talks About His Experience with Money and Secrets in Prison”

That’s true.Any more questions?I mean, gosh.I’m talking to me now, you’re cheap.You got a hot date for what it is back.The guy who said he didn’t ask anybody out.He’s kind of cagey.You got some gal waiting for you at the some person waiting for you?I used to plastic somebody cross street.That makes me play.Anyone else?How difficult was it for you to not let other people in prison know that you had money?They know there’s no secrets in the world anyway.And I spent 15 when I got the real prison, which is real prison for me was a marion.Eight months here.Your parents sent you a summer camp and they got the brochure.And the brochure was 20 years old.It was a bad summer camp because at night if you want McDonald’s, you want Burger Kings, you want Taco Bell, you want Snokes because of the Snokes a few miles away from the US.For beer.You want to bottle our candles, amen.You want Boston, you want sky or you want to add salute?But I stay in county jail.No one in my world.

Surviving Adversity: Shaun Hayes on Resilience and Success as an Entrepreneur

And I have other people that made American greed.I’ve never seen it, but I mean, people that did really stuffed up.I was a lawyer from Tpmg.They did the taxing thing.But the point was, I’ve only been handcuffed.I tell you that I didn’t go outside for 15 months.I never went to court that I wasn’t chackled and I was wiped out.My coveted walked in the coat and tie and said but it didn’t I’m from there was you can’t do anything to me.I looked at county jail, high school.I looked at marion as bad summer camp and I went to colton.I looked at as a fraternity house without girl.It’s not a good experience.I wouldn’t push on anybody.But I’m a survivor.Somebody wrote about media and I thought they didn’t write you’re an entrepreneur, which I admitted finally 15 years ago.And you’re resilient.I think to be successful, you have to be resilient.You have to take those shots.And it was like I was like he’s turning 90.And he told me the best for that.I’ve had more people.This is a good deal.

“Shaun Hayes Reflects on Regrets and Gratitude in Relationships”

One since these stuff going on.I have one baddie like two girls I dated in college.Okay, I didn’t marry, so don’t get this guy.But this guy, we met for coffee and he said and I knew what happened to him.And he said, you don’t know what she did for me.I said, no, I don’t.And he told me I’ve had people walking in the restaurants and sean I wouldn’t have a house and things like that.So I wish that I was under the same relationship with all five of my kids I was before.Absolutely.Do I wish I had to cause the pain.I called absolutely and heard of the beat black last week.But I look at the other side.One last question, something hard.Yes, sir.I talked about this at the beginning of your talk.

“Don’t Fall In Love With Your Business Idea: Balancing Passion and Practicality in Engineering Entrepreneurship”

So over in the engineering bill, because I’m an engineering major, we had to go through a presentation and one of the guests that we had there to kind of judge everything said, all right, if you have a good idea for business, there’s a reason behind what he said.But he said don’t fall in love with that idea.And the reason why he said that was you present it as his business plan, but it doesn’t satisfy a need.You’ll be crushed and you’ll make a lot of mistakes because of falling in love with it.So you have to kind of like work it out until it gets to something that somebody needs and is profitable or can be profitable.Is there any truth to that statement?I want you to be passionate.I want the passionate person that I want.So I would say fall in love with it and be willing to change it to where it’s practical the other day.It has to work.But I mean, you know, you see so many things.But I go back to thomas says literally, I think was 9900 times very lightweight.Right.

“Learn the Importance of Passion and Private Placement in Raising Capital for Investments”

So the first one sure didn’t look like the last one that worked.But if he had been passionate about that, he would stop.So I want you to be passionate about people will invest money.Because what I learned is I was 29 years old.I never had anybody for capital in my life.I’d done some fix and flip houses on my own.So I bought the money from bank and did it.That was all I’d ever done other than after the fireworks along Sharking, a few other things.The point was I was there and they invested me.And if you raise money under Rig D private placement, which is going.She should do.It’s about that thick.And it basically says in this I said that like the first person I had somebody experienced like Mary, who forget that she’s brilliant.She has all this experience, and she looks at and this guy goes into the trash can.They cost you like $20.In fact, in those days, you had to put on him.And he goes, oh, no.

Investors Prefer Passionate Individuals Over Credit Scores in Business Decisions

He goes, I already decided I would invest because you are passionate about what you’re doing.You bet on the individual.That’s what I don’t like about banking.I left banking before I got in trouble because it’s like going to chickfila it’s credit score.It’s this, it’s that, it’s everything else.And you want to be able to look the other manual in the iPhone.You’ll figure out who’s going to pay you back a lot of times and who won’t.And I guarantee you those people have come and said I wouldn’t have a house for you.It’s because they look more of my people in the eye and said, I can do this, then you can’t and do that every time you’re in a rich man.But if you come in and, well, what do you think about this?If you like it, I’ll do it.If you don’t, that’s okay.You got a better idea?Why would I give you my money?But they’re going to bet on you.You’re the horse survey.I grew up in a family race horses.You’re the horse I’m going to bet on.And that’s how you make money in this.Thank you.

“Maximizing Fun and Sales: Tips for Buying and Reviewing Shaun Hayes’ Best-Selling Book”

If you decide to buy the book, I want to tell you how much fun you can have if you go to and you can press. And first when you press and you look at the book, go down to the analytics that they put out. Because we were a best seller in two categories last week, all week. Now, this week or not. And I guarantee you at five or six if you buy the book. And next week we have plus, if you do it the same day, I believe you’ll move it like 50 points. Because this is my complaint with Amazon to leave it.If you do buy it, please write review. But here’s what I’ll tell you about the book business. Number one, you have to go to the Amazon first. They don’t have a lot. That’s number one. Number two is you don’t sell books unless you get reviews. I ‘m so happy I got seven now.

Write reviews, let me know what you think of my book and Thank you for the wonderful time!