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Shaun Hayes is the author of The Gray Choice, and is a professional corporate speaker. Contact Shaun today to schedule him for your next event!

About Shaun Hayes

Shaun Hayes was the cofounder and former CEO of Allegiant Bancorp, headquartered in St. Louis, Missouri. Among many other enterprises, he owned a company that he sold at age 44 for half a billion dollars. Five years after selling his company, Shaun committed a felony. He was incarcerated for his crime eight years later. He now shares what he learned from his rise and his fall—hard-won lessons that can benefit individuals, groups, and businesses.

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The Gray Choice

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The Gray Choice

Lessons on my journey from the big time banking to the big house (and back)

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Business – You Are Not Your Own Customer

Shaun is a former CEO of a Russell 2000 company. He is a professional speaker, providing lectures for groups such as SIOR, RCGA, NCC, NAWBO and Fortune 500 companies.

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Author Blog

The Power of Sharing Our Mistakes: How “The Gray Choice” Aims to Inspire and Teach

I hope that by reading my autobiography, you too can find the courage to face your mistakes, learn from them, and become a better version of yourself. I’m deeply grateful for this positive and thoughtful 5 star review of the Gray Choice from Michele.

Shaun Hayes speaks to aspiring entrepreneurs at SLU

On Valentine’s Day, I had the opportunity to speak to a class of aspiring entrepreneurs in Prof Marian Nunn’s Entrepreneurship class at St. Louis University about the importance of business ethics and my life story as it relates to that. The talk focused on the idea of “gray choices” – the boundary between ethical and unethical behaviors in business, and I also told some good stories about how I progressed through my career.

Shaun Hayes on STLToday by David Nicklaus

I was recently featured in an article by David Nicklaus on STL Today, about how I landed in prison for making “gray choices”, and how my story is a cautionary tale about the slippery slope of unethical decision-making.

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